The Engstligenalp is the biggest plateau of the western Swiss Alps. It lies south of Adelboden at 1900 – 2000 m above sea level. Since 1996 it has belonged to the Swiss culture landscapes of national importance.

The 7 square kilometre plateau, belonging to the community of Adelboden has the form of an oval measuring in north-south direction 1 km in east-west direction 2 km and is surrounded by mountains, dominated by the Wildstrubel in the southwest. It is covered by alpine pastures and crossed by numerous mountain streams springing from the slopes. A

t the exit of the valley they collect to form the Engstligen falls which cascade in of the most impressive waterfalls of the western Swiss alps 600 m down to the Engstligen valley. Access from the north is via a mule track blasted into the 600 m high rock beside the waterfalls. Since the 1920 there has also been a cable car. A hiking trail leads south over three mountain passes (Chindbettipass, Rote Chumme, Gemmi) to Leukerbad in the Valais, another leads west to the Lenk valley.