In the kitchen, easy with Henry


"Important" Start with a small.. ouzo and you can cook everything.....


Cut medium size potatoes in half the long way, put them in a baking tray but don't forget to oil it before you lay them in the grave..... use a baking brush to smear some olive oil on the potatoes, a little salt is needed maybe a prise pepper, some oregano and some fantasia.

Heat the oven up to 220 c and put it in for min.20-min. When they look crispy they are fini.. Then the salad, cut cabbage in very thin small pieces, one or 2 kiwi pealed cut in slices put to salade a half of a banana or what ever you have around, an apple is also god.

Mix everything ..... The sauce is made with the very fine basic yoghurt from lindahls/Sweden, the best yoghurt out of greece, (maby new sponsor) one or 2 spoons of this white wonder, you mix with extra ,extra virgin greek olive oil and a bit of apple vinegar , maybe a bit of salt end pepper mix .... Again cooking is art, use fantasia. On a big wooden plate in the middle of the table you decorate a variety of french/italian/danish soft and hard cheeses with grapes and other fruta .... You drink a cold


retzina or a dark bier with this , skal, yamas.... enjoy ....... 




Mail me if you need more infos. but don't forget.... fantasia is all you need and a bit of luck and a small ouzo


Easy cooking with Henry, part 2

We make a risotto Milanese
but before you start
open the Chianti wine will you...
Because the wine has to breathe
but don't forget to taste it .....
Now you going to cry a bit,
you have to cut a big onion
and chop it to small pieces.
Now you pour olive oil
in a pot (with medium heat).
Give the onions to the oil
and let it steam a short while.
Then the risotto rice,
please note is has to be
a special risotto rice
and not the usual white.
Mix it with the onions till it looks right,
then its time for the bouillon.
You need circa 1.4 lit. but you give only 2 dl
first in the pot and don't forget to stir.
When almost all the bouillon is gone into the rice,
you give more of it into the pot
and stir and pour till all the bouillon
is gone into the risotto.
Stir with easy motion but stir till the risotto is al dente.
There should be some juice left
and the rice most be still wet.
Ad a bit salt and pepper and don't forget the saffron.
Then take the pot away from the heat,
ad 50 gr. of butter to the risotto
and some parmesanon.
Now it is finito.......
Serve the risotto in soup plates.
This is how they eat the risotto
in the country side of the Tuscany.
Fresh parmesano is on the table
and you can serve a nice salad of your own choice
and don't forget the Chianti wine
Buon appetito! / Cin-cin!


Henry Beutler