the best place  for walkers to stay 

is apollonia in the center of the island

as many trails start there

very near  to the small center

about 10 min walk away

are the best apartments  you can found

very peaceful  and  built in  local styl 

are the most luxurious 

 studios and apartments 

of Moscha Geronti 


i hade the great pleasure 

 this spring to stay in 

on of moschas apartment

 i travel since over 35 years in greece

i never found such a great comfort 

the  fantastic bed

the great kitchen and living room area 

the spaces  bathroom

on the small terrace

i could enjoy my breakfast 

 with a mega view of the 

aegean sea

 looking as fare as Paros and Antiparos

(and don't forget  you have a great wifi here)

Moscha is a friend

of Sifnos walkers  and she

will let walkers stay

with a special walkers  discount 

in the months march/april and sept /oct

write directly to

and say hello from henry


check also my other links

for walking  and staying on sifnos


 i wish  you always great walks

 everywhere  but specially on this great island

of sifnos with all the friendly people

with there great hospitality