hiking on sifnos


a walkers paradise

more then  100km marked

walking pads

go  to


there  you can found all the links

about walking in sifnos

 i am self  have walked many of the trails

 with great joy  and satisfaction in april

wich is the best month for walking 

the amount  of wild flowers is emence

as  for accommodation 

the best place  for walkers to stay 

is apollonia in the center of the island

as many trails start there

very near  to the small center

about 5 min walk away

are the best apartments  you can found

very peaceful  and  built in  local styl 

sarah and stavros are looking  for the needs

of walkers ands sarah knows  all the trails

by her self

write to sarah in god time  to make reservation

 the place is famous

 the will wait  for  you at there hotel  in kamares and bring  you  to  your apartment in apollonia  5 km away 


The Eleonas Apartments and Studios are located in the village of Apollonia and were built by Stavros and Sarah.  'Eleonas' takes its name from the Greek word meaning olive grove and the apartments were designed to incorporate the existing olive trees which are still harvested today for their olive oil.  


The five independent houses, built in traditional Cycladic style, are positioned in a quiet but central location amongst the olive terraces and gardens.

read moore here

about apartments/sifnos and car rent



if  you prefer to stay near   the beach 

i can recommend   pension/apartment  morfeas



PO Box: 714


Telephone: +302284033615

Mobile: +306972303046

Fax: +302284033620


 15 min  from port in kamares

and 2 min  from the sandy beach

kostas will  wait for  you at the port

and bring  you  to  your apartment

 note  kamares is not a god place to start

    the walks and the buses run  not very often in april

so the best would be to rent a car


i wish  you all the best on my fav. island

and say hello    

from sir henry